Many of our young people in my country are dreaming of studying at an international level but many do not know how much the costs of a university of the highest references worldwide.

Among the most prestigious Universities are Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia and New York University. These are the top universities in the USA, because of their quality and prestige gained over many years.

It is necessary to emphasize that at the moment there are many universities in the USA and each one has different annual prices but in our case of study we will only have to focus on the most representative universities.

According to a calculation of the average that you must have to be able to study in a study center like these and it is clear that they will first evaluate you very strictly to accept your income since only exceptional students will be able to enter to study these prestigious centers, more or less you must have annually $ 35,000 American dollars.

We are talking that you must have an amount of $ 70000 dollars to finish your career plus living expenses and food.